Souza Academy

We do more than teach tennis

Our number one campaign is to provide for the children of Cameroon

How YOU can help


In 2011, a single donation was made to purchase a sixteen acre plot of land 20 miles outside of Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon. It was acquired with the purpose of creating an oasis for the children of OTA, a place where they could live, study and train….. a place where they could feel safe and call their own. Now, eleven years later, 40 children live, train, and attend school on the Souza Campus. In addition to the residents, at least another 100 children from the OTA program come to Souza just to train.

The academy at Souza currently consists of 6 clay courts, 8 hard courts, dorm facilities for the children and staff and a healthcare facility. There are also outdoor study pavilions and a rudimentary kitchen where 3 meals a day are prepared for the residents. There are pineapple and plantain fields as well as other crops to help sustain the OTA community. In 2019 electricity was brought to this jewel in the jungle.

The vision for the future is that 250 children will live, train and be educated on site at the Souza Academy, giving them incredible access to opportunities previously beyond their reach. As a sign of the doors that OTA can open for these children, two program graduates are currently studying and playing at colleges in the United States on full tennis scholarships.

At OTA, we train children to be not only champions in tennis, but champions in life.

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