In a country where basic education is not free and many families struggle to afford school fees, OTA serves as a lifeline to the 40 kids at our Souza Center who receive not only tennis instruction, but also scholarships, room and board. With access to a quality education and opportunities to excel on the courts, these kids are firmly on the road to success.

But with new opportunities come new challenges. The schools our Souza kids attend are often too far away to walk, not to mention the logistics of traveling for tournaments. For years we have relied on secondhand SUV’s to transport the kids. With limited seating capacity and over 400,000 miles each, these SUV’s often break down, leaving students and staff stranded at the side of busy and dangerous roads. And maintaining and repairing these imported American vehicles eats away at precious time and resources.

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To ensure our kids’ and coaches’ safety, we have our eyes set on a proper Toyota Coaster bus that can safely carry 30 students and coaches to and from school and tournaments.

Our kids have achieved so much at Souza. Help them continue to travel the road to success by making a contribution today!


To provide children in Cameroon, Africa the opportunity to improve their lives through the sport of tennis.

We envision a Cameroon where every child has developed the skills and confidence to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

For the past two decades OTA has provided over 12,000 children with access to tennis equipment, food, clothing, education, and tournament opportunities





For a second year, TennisFest has gone virtual. As our premier fund-raising event, TennisFest is so important to keeping OTA running, and now more than ever OTA is playing a critical role in the lives of our kids.

Although we are seeing the light at the end of the long COVID tunnel here in the USA, in Cameroon, that light is still a long way off, and our kids need support and sanctuary more than ever.

We need your help to keep the lights on at Souza, to keep the kids fed at Bonaberi, to keep our players in school and learning, and to pay for urgently needed medical care and supplies, just like we have done for the last year.

Please, click below to make a generous donation to the children of Cameroon today, and give a child the luxury of hope.

Giving children of Cameroon hope

through the sport of tennis

Our work is guided by these core values:

Commitment - to our purpose and mission
Teamwork - on and off the courts
Accountability - in everything we do
Optimism - in all that is possible when given the opportunity to try
Respect - for every human life



Give health. Give education. Give happiness. Give HOPE. Together it’s amazing what we can achieve.


Fight globally. Act locally. You don’t need to go to Africa to make a difference. OTA needs you wherever you are.

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This is Leigh. She is 9 years old now. She has been playing tennis since she was three. This video was taken when she was five. There are at least 20 more children with her extraordinary ability. The only resource they have is OTA. OTA takes children from the age of three and through tennis, helps them develop not only tennis skills but life skills. Everyone benefits, though not all have Leigh’s potential. With your help, Leigh and others like her might someday play on the world stage, might someday be number one in the world! This will not happen without OTA and without your support. Please consider a generous donation now to help Leigh and the other 1,250 children in the OTA program reach their full potential.

Ongoing Campaigns - Donate Now!

  1. 2022 OTA Program Needs

    Donation: $14,910.00 / $370,000.00
    OTA provides children in Cameroon, Africa a safe haven from the oppression of poverty and the opportunity to improve their lives through the sport of tennis. We envision a Cameroon where every child has developed the skills and confidence to build a better future for themselves and their communities. With your help we know it's possible! Donations are used to provide all of these children with food, clothing, tennis equipment, training, and the opportunity to compete at the highest level.

    Donation: $37,200.00 / $100,000.00
    The academy at Souza is the heart of OTA. This is where the brightest, most talented and most needy live, train and attend local schools. Money for food will run out by mid June, medical and sanitary supplies are in short supply and maintenance to the water supply system, campus and courts must be continued. Recently 6 children have had to be treated for malaria, typhoid and possibly COVID-19 at a cost of over $6,000. The children and staff at Souza grapple daily with life and death issues yet remain hopeful of a life post COVID-19 but they urgently need your help to do so.

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