Due to COVID-19 OTA has had to temporarily shut down all of our centers across Cameroon except the academy at Souza, the heart of OTA. Here the brightest, most talented and most needy live, train and attend local schools. The children are wearing masks, practicing social distancing and good hygiene along with their tennis on the 8 beautiful courts you have previously helped us to build.

Battling COVID-19 takes on a special significance when you are trying to assist the very poor. Population density, lack of access to clean water, disinfectants, adequate food, medication and proper information create an even more dire scenario.

Joseph and the staff have done an amazing job caring for the OTA children at the haven Souza provides. Your generosity will provide food, sanitation, medical care, and facility maintenance until we are able to emerge stronger than ever from the shadow of this virus. We are working to ensure that the academy at Souza and the OTA program survive and thrive in the future, but we need your continued help to do so.

Our immediate priorities are as follows:

• Food for the kids and staff at Souza- $50 will provide 50 meals- It costs $150 per day or $4,500 per month to feed everyone

• Medical/PPE supplies and care- there is no health insurance so just a visit to a local hospital can cost $1,000 for one child

• Maintenance for water supply, courts and campus- $500 per week or $2,000 per month

PLEASE consider making a gift to help keep the heart of OTA beating. We at OTA and the children thank you!