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than teach tennis
Below are some of the things we provide
Equipment & Clothing
Tennis Training
Food & Clean Water
Educational opportunities

How can

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Give health. Give education. Give happiness. Give HOPE. Together it’s amazing what we can achieve.
Fight globally. Act locally. You don’t need to go to Africa to make a difference. OTA needs you wherever you are.
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OTA provides children in Cameroon, Africa the opportunity to improve their livesthrough the sport of tennis.

“Over war, malaria, and HIV, the program is a safe haven for children; a place to go where they feel great about themselves. When I see a kid on the court smiling, with something else to think about besides illness and when their next meal will come; when they have some light in their lives, I know it is all worth it.” -Joseph Oyebog



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THE SOUZA TENNIS ACADEMY In 2012, a single donation was made to purchase a sixteen acre plot of land about 25 miles outside the capital of Douala, Cameroon. It was acquired with the purpose of creating an oasis for the children of OTA, a place where they could live, study and train...

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