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Help Cliford compete to reach the top of the his game

African Tennis Student Rises to the World Stage through Oyebog Tennis Academy (OTA). 19 year old Cliford Wuyum Nkwain has achieved the rare and hard-won honor of earning an ATP point, making him the first player in Cameroon to win such status since 2007. The honor affords him an official world ranking and the right to compete in more international tournaments. Only about 2,000 male players worldwide currently have a world ranking, out of tens of thousands who play high level junior,...

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THE SOUZA TENNIS ACADEMY In 2012, a single donation was made to purchase a sixteen acre plot of land about 25 miles outside the capital of Douala, Cameroon. It was acquired with the purpose of creating an oasis for the children of OTA, a place where they could live, study and train...

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